Communication can change lives as long as you have the right perspective.

Early in my career I was helping to market a new therapy. My wife had seen it used firsthand while working at the hospital. It was nice to hear about the real-life application.

But, my true appreciation came when my wife's grandfather fell ill. It was the therapy that I was helping to promote that changed his outcome. I was not the one who developed the technology, but I was playing a key part in helping people learn about the therapy, that in some cases, would save lives.

After that I was no longer a designer, but rather I became an advocate. And that role has stuck with me throughout my career. From Design, to Art Direction, to Account Management, I see my work as more than a deliverable. It is my responsibility to bring people closer to the solutions that will change their lives.

"John was my most trusted and longest tenured employee and for that I am forever grateful. He held the keys to the Ubiquity castle by maintaining all client relations, budgets and their (sometimes) unrealistic expectations."  - Lisa Stemmer, Ubiquity Group

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